Business Banking Strategy

Business and Digital Strategy for Large North American Bank


Large North American bank had a fragmented online banking experience. Large corporate clients were using a corporate platform, while SMBs were using a different platform but had to access some features such as wire transfers from the corporate platform. Each platform was following a 'one size fits all' approach, and did not offer any customization for its user personas, making it difficult to perform common tasks such as transaction search for accounting users and analytics for management. This resulted in a suboptimal user experience and unmet client needs.


We developed a digital strategy and production-quality prototype for online business banking services while working closely with the bank's executive sponsors in Business and Technology to ensure alignment. The solution included a unified user experience that adapted to each user persona based on its unique needs and an 18-month product roadmap based on the pillars of Data, Open Banking and Technology to guide the future growth of the product. Big data analytics were proposed for product upsell and cross-sell, to the right customer at the right time. We led a cross-functional team that included developers, architects, UI/UX designers and DevOps to build a production-quality prototype within 8 weeks.