Business Model Transformation

Transforming a Big Data Company to a Software Company


A big data company that relied on third party software to distribute its data and analytics needed to develop its own analytics platform to better serve its client base. They wanted to develop a product strategy for a portfolio of products, an 18-month roadmap, and launch its analytics platform and API. Further, they wanted to start servicing new customer segments beyond their existing customer base.


We partnered with the COO, Head of Sales and newly-hired Head of Cloud to develop a multi-year product roadmap that included the company's analytics platform and API, as well as retiring legacy software and transitioning clients to the new products. We developed user and buyer personas, conducted customer interviews and validation sessions to prioritize product features and data sets, and defined the features of the products to be launched. We led a cross-functional team of product managers, software engineers, marketing and sales reps to two successful product launches within 10 months. We created a strategy to expand the products to directly sell to a new client type, and closed the first sales in the segment. The suite of products we developed now