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Section 1033 & Open Banking Opportunities

As a senior leader at a US-based financial institution, you've likely heard of CFPB's Section 1033 ruling. This regulation, also called Personal Financial Data Rights, promises to provide consumers with the ability to export their financial data from their financial institutions, and requires financial institutions to provide Appication Programming Interfaces (APIs) for data sharing.

We have partnered with FDX and Ozone API and created a high-value Section 1033 Masterclass.

In our Masterclass, you will learn:
  • The requirements of CFPB's Section 1033

  • Impact for US-based Financial Institutions

  • Monetization Strategies

  • Practical Options and Next Steps


Reuben Piryatinsky, CEO, Altitude Consulting

Eyal Sivan, GM North America, Ozone API

Don Cardinal, Managing Director, FDX

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