Hedge Application

Design and build modern web application for real-time hedging

Financial Report


In a large global investment bank hedge traders calculated their daily risk exposure once a day using spreadsheet. This became hard to maintain, verify accuracy, and an audit concern. The hedge traders wanted a modern web app that calculated real time hedges based on current position and up to date market prices, and can integrate with other application to execute the hedge trades. 


We met with the hedge traders to understand the current process, the challenges that they were experiencing, and their vision for an ideal state. We built wireframes of a hedging web application to articulate the concept  and collect feedback. After the wireframes were approved, we led a development team to build a modern Angular UI and a Java back-end, that integrated with the existing systems. We led sprint demos to showcase the product iterations in progress and obtain additional feedback. We managed the project plan, reporting, budget, and deliverables.

The final application provided real time exposure to the hedge traders, allowed them to adjust the trades manually and execute them in one application. Resulting in accurate hedging for application that manages billions of dollars and saving 30 min of time per day for each trader.