Invoice Automation

Reduce Invoice Processing Time



Large enterprise client was manually copying data from digital invoices into their Accounts Receivable web application. They had a team of 5 people entering the data. Each invoice took up to 10 min to process resulting in delays in sending invoices during peak times. The process also introduced human error through typing mistakes resulting in erroneous invoices being sent to clients.


Using Robotic Process Automation (RPA) we build unattended bots that automated 80% of all invoices for the client saving the client $300,000 in annual savings. The automated invoices were entered into Account Receivable websites without any human involvement having 0% of errors. The 20% of the invoices that were not fully automated were manually processed by 'human in the loop' within 5 minutes, achieving 50% of time savings over fully manual processing. The overall automation was built to support the future scaling of the business without staff increases. 

The full project was delivered in 12 weeks.