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Open Finance Strategy

Get ready for CFPB's Section 1033 and achieve clarity of your organization's open finance vision. We'll work cross-functionally with your leadership team to identify your organization's readiness, define your vision for participating in the open finance ecosystem, and identify new opportunities to better serve your customers and grow your business.


Prepare for Section 1033 and open finance and create a plan for meeting CFPB's requirements.

We will examine:

  • Compliance

  • Unique Value Proposition

  • Technology

  • Risk and Controls

  • People and processes

  • Monetization Opportunities

Target State

We'll guide you through the path towards Section 1033 compliance at your organization.

You will get:

  • Compliance implementation plan

  • Open finance business model

  • Partner strategy

  • Organizational target state (people, process, technology)

  • Tech stack recommendations


Scope your open finance journey and plan the steps to get there.​

You will get:

  • Prioritized use cases

  • Enterprise roadmap

  • Roadmaps per line of business

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